Architectural Design Project

Friday, 25 December 2015 05:56

Architectural Design Project (ADP) is a module that forms the cap stone project for the B Sc. (Honours) (Architecture) programme at Taylor's University, emphasizing on (1) the broad theme of sustaining humanities and (2) resolution of architectural design. It focuses on the development of students’ ability to integrate considerations of technology, environment and cultural context in architectural design, and offers a platform for students to develop their own position in developing their individual project.

This module is a thematic studio based on the theme of ‘sustaining humanities’’—architecture for people, place and time. Students are required to propose a design project that reflects the theme and develop a programme that address the needs of the required user group, as well as provide spaces that invite interaction with the surrounding contextual conditions. 

Displayed below are some of Ed Chew's students' work: