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the core

This project is a continuation of my earlier upcycled artwork, the TetraLamp shade (TetraBox Lamp is the winner of the 2011 Bright Ideas Lighting Design Competition!). The idea basically revolves around the notion of Zero Waste principle that discarded items, something that we would otherwise discard, are given a second lease of life.

There are two main materials used for this project, namely packet drinks and coconut shells – materials that are often discarded after their intended use are served. These materials form the core and the crust of this artwork.

The name CORE is an acronym for Coconut Reused.


This project is not an attempt to provide a solution to the prevalent environmental issues in today’s society; it is merely an artwork created to raise public awareness about upcycling and also to demonstrate the benefits of reusing items that would normally be discarded to landfills into unique and aesthetically pleasing artworks. This is only a small effort to get the message across to the masses that instead of simply buying something new, promote reuse whenever possible.

Design Intent

The intention of this project has twofold: to produce an upcycled product design while at the same time, to create a piece of artwork, hence blurring the boundary between art and design – functional on one side and sculptural on the other. I hope that people can look at this project and see it as an extension of my thoughts thus establishing some kind of connection between my work and the observer.


This project revolves around the central theme of Going Green. I strongly believe that being green is a responsibility that we all can partake so as to ensure a better tomorrow for generations to come. Sadly to say, the word “Green” itself is becoming a kitsch phrase for many people. We ought to move beyond being superficial. Only through inner awakening coupled with external engagement will the words like “Green” find its true meaning.

Allen Ginsberg’s phrase, “The only thing that can save the world is the reclaiming of the awareness of the world,” has so much to offer and such awareness as I believe can only arise from within because being empathic is the CORE of our Being.